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Space stuff

OK so read this:

And if you want some more technical info and some more videos look at this:

So that makes this possibly one of the most fascinating space tech discoveries that I know of this year. If we can plow some more funding into this project we could come up with some real results and maybe a test module in a decade. Which would put it in the time frame for the Constellation successor projects to start coming on line. Such as the moon base and the Mars mission, which are projects we really need to get started especially if the current round of lunar probes will start showing us if there is ice on the moon.

Simply put with this we can actually have a possible lightweight radiation shield to wrap around our interplanetary missions that doesn’t involve lead sheets or tanks of water. And we can finally realize our destiny in space, to get the heck out there and actually see what’s going on. And then use the materials we find to help us stop mucking up out planet’s biosphere. That and the fantastic new discoveries in tech, heath, and science are the reasons to not wait and commit whole-heartedly to this. Also don’t forget the money you can make of products and techniques gleaned from the areas.

Plus it would be so cool to the geek in me for a spaceship captain to actually have to say: shields up!

For me this all goes back to my dreams of becoming a cosmonaut (I think astronaut is a silly word) when I was much younger. But my bad eyesight basically sank that idea in a deep well, so I ended up doing theatre instead. However I still have these dreams of looking down on our planet from 200 miles up and being happy that everyone can go up here and do the same. Heck I would love to go colonize another world and deal with the muck and the pain to actually have the chance to look up in an alien sky and think: we did it! I so want to do that and our poorly run space program has officially chucked these ideas almost out the window. I could sit down and point out everything done wrong by NASA, the US government, Russians, and a few others that kept a vigorous space program from becoming a reality. But that would be long winded and would need a bit of research.

So now I have to settle on looking for these little steps and hope they pay out and become a reality.

I so want to travel through space.

Thanks for reading

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