December 25th, 2009

Why I don’t feel at home with my actual family

Disclaimer: Written while really upset and angry but still my beliefs. Just more poorly written than I mean to.

I hate being seen as that crazy liberal brother who doesn’t understand how things actually work because he’s not Christian, is liberal, in theatre, in a big city, lives out of wedlock, won’t get married and feels for people who ”sin”. This always pisses me off when I talk to my brother and he sits there and tells me that it doesn’t matter if two people are in love they don’t deserve to be together or if they do they should say they made a mistake. A mistake.

That angers me, since it means the fundamental message that that love is universal is false. If two people are of the same gender and they love each other and end up spending their lives committed to each other in all aspects, it is not equal to the same commitment between two people of the opposite gender. If all are not included in any case where it is a consensual situation then that is the true sin against what Christ said. All or nothing (within limits of a wider sort than what is accepted).

Yes I should read the Christian Bible at some point to hone my arguments better but this is what I believe and if in the end this is wrong then there need to be changes to protect those who need it.

(A break to calm down and talk to the lady)

OK, now in a calmer frame of mind but my argument still stands. I talked to my brother moments ago and our final calm words on this subject was, that I don’t care what he believes in as long as it doesn’t harm me and my friends. In response he said he would live his life in a Christian manner and show me the rightness by doing that. Which does not address my concerns. I am still disturbed that my own brother, who was raised to be fair and open minded, would still continue with this injustice.

My feelings about religion are simple: to believe and have faith is perfectly fine as long as you don’t harm or negatively affect others. If you don’t feel that something agrees with your Faith I understand that troubles you but you have no right to use your faith as a bludgeon upon others because that is how you feel. Instead don’t step on my rights and the non-harmful wants and desires of my friends, instead shrug your shoulders and live your life as you mean to do so and leave us to do as we wish. In return I will fight for your right to believe what you believe because that is enshrined in our Constitution and is a right to be protected and honored.

Thank you.
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