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Craptastic freight service

David Schwartz To anyone planing on using either or Central Freight Lines here are links to my reviews of their fer shite service.

I highly recommend not to ever use this service since they don't have anyway to affect how your shipment is picked up, shipped or delivered after you hire them. After loading 5 skids with my possessions I proceeded to wait for the truck that i didn't find out was not coming until a random call by the contact set events in motion to find that out. As a result I was required to move the shipment to the terminal myself with a truck and pallet jack I rented myself. While the rental will be reimbursed (I hope) I now need to seek action so I can get at least the pick-up charge reimbursed.

Additionally, the delivery was scheduled yesterday however when I called to confirm that I learned only then that I was supposed to call to set up an appointment to deliver. This is a critical piece of info that should have made crystal clear when this process was being set up.

To add insult to injury I also received an email stating that the pick-up of my goods from my address was made at 1pm last friday and not stating that no truck had shown up and I made the delivery myself at 6pm.

To anyone planing on using this service, stay the heck away unless you can get iron clad guarantees.

This company was hired by to move my shipment of my life across the country and while their pick up and transport of my goods was just fine the delivery has been completely awful. First I was told that they couldn't deliver my possessions without a advance call, but no one at either company made that obvious to me until it was too late. Then when I called the next morning first thing I was told that the driver would call me himself when he was going to make the delivery.

5 hours later I call this company to check that everything is ok. Instead I'm told that the shipment never made it onto a truck since no appointment for the drop off had never been made. Which goes against everything that had been told to me back in the morning. Now I'm going to spend time tomorrow sitting and waiting and hopefully I will be able to pull a crew together in time to move this into my apartment.

I don't know how a company like this can stay in business since after 10 year in the entertainment industry receiving shipments on time almost all the time, the fact that this is soooooo hard for them to pull off is mind boggling.

To anyone commercial or personal who think s about using this company I hope you have time to kill while waiting for your shipment.

Here's hoping that the companies pay attention and take corrective action.

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